Although our form is corporate, our attitude is partnership.

2016 January
We welcome 2016 by a unique coffee tasting event at "1900 the barber shop" in Athens.

"Friday, the 15th of January, 2016 at 8:30 pm.
Mr. Panagiotis Grigoriou & Universal Exports Ltd. introduces the Pioneer Espresso Co at their first coffee tasting event in Athens held at "1900 the Barber Shop".
Our host and master blender Giorgio Pietri will introduce his premier and
world renowned selections of Gran Caffe coffee line of gourmet espresso coffees and products.
Teaching us the art of the true Italian flavor espresso coffee where "sprezzatura" can be literally tasted.
"1900 the Barber Shop". Ypsilantou 35 & Ploutarchou, Kolonaki, Athens.

2015 October
New york, USA Pioneer espresso co. American debut.

New York city, Monday, 26th 2015. Universal Exports ltd. presents the Pioneer espresso company’s 1st American debut and tasting event hosted by The Omonia cafe & restaurant in Astoria, Queens and in which the event was covered by the PRESS by The National Herald. The 100 year old American Newspaper was our premier guest in which documented our tasting event for its special issue of OXI DAY on Oct. 28th.

Mr. John Arvanitis our host and owner of the legendary cafe – restaurant since 1977, stated the outcome of the event: The Grand Café blends are of exceptional quality and that the clientele of the famed cafe will quickly become very fond of the fine espresso blends of our GRAN CAFE line of products. Mr. John Karapetridis our co-host, Manager of the establishment and professional barista, stated that the GRAN CAFE espresso range have outstanding taste & quality as they enjoyed the afternoons coffee with the company’s signature blends of Georgio Pietri’s MISCELA ORO, TOP SELLECTION and the single variety of Guatemala, GUATEMALA, among others.

Noted in our Hellenic census that The MISCELA ORO blend is surprisingly preferred among the female population of refined espresso enthusiasts in Greece, which holds an authentic Italian taste.

We at Universal Exports ltd. and Pioneer Coffee co. would like to thank everyone who attended the event as we are proud to introduce our premier coffee brand to the American market.

2015 October
Gluten Free is October's mystical words for "mySticks" breadsticks, a "Live Long Live Greek" product that proves effort and innovation to the benefit of Mediterranean diet.

In the orient a picture is well known to be worth a thousand words, but the words needed to explain this gourmet product are endless!

There is no stop, we assure you, especially after your very first taste when all the flavors explode in your mouth, it is certain you will love them.

Universal Exports proudly introduces "mySticks" a new Greek innovative bakery product with flavors from ALL OF GREECE, for the first time internationally and to the American market.

2015 September
The Pioneer Espresso Company opens a whole new product category for Universal Exports with its fine coffees and beverages.

It has been 295 years since "The Triumphant Venice" the Legendary cafe considered the oldest in Europe, to boast its finest splendor: Fine coffee and wines from Greece.

Since then, the time has come again to hear such things of Grand Greek produce, and it is here to stay. We proudly introduce Universal Exports’ 2015 Grand Flare: The Pioneer Espresso Company of Corinth Greece.

Its founder and “old school Italian” Master blender, Georgio Pietri brings the finest Espresso quality known, but with a true Italian taste, the understated way Greeks love drinking Espresso. When things are done so well, just like back in Venice at Floriano Francesconi’s "Alla Venezia Trionfante’’ (To The Triumphant Venice), where the clientele rechristened it to"Caffe Florian" in honor of its owner.

We call today fine Espresso, Gran Caffe and together with all other fine coffees of Giorgio Pietri, Universal Exports proudly introduces them to the American market.

(BHMAGAZINO Greek newspaper magazine clip of 29/9/2013)


2015 February
Lefkas Hills winery launches this years' collaborations, expanding our Greek wine sector.

The Lefkas Hills winery from the Ionic island of Lefkada dates since 2002 and cultivates among others the two rare medieval grape varieties Vertzami (red) and Vardea (white) in which are known only to grow on this islands' unique soil and microclimate. The winery also produces Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon as well as other interesting blends all of high quality standards. We are honored to contribute and bring to you globally few of the rarest of the Greek varieties.

2014 December
Universal Exports Ltd bids farewell to the year by celebrating its success at the 2014 New York International Wine Competition.

In a special evening wine tasting event, Universal Exports Ltd has the honor to present to the Greek wine enthusiasts the Grand Winner of the 2014 NYIWC, the Alexander Megapanos Winery.

Our host Mr. Panagiotis Gregoriou and his unique retro barber shop “1900 THE BARBER SHOP”, a gem at Kolonaki area down town Athens, promise an atmosphere that will take us back in time together with famous Greek wine flavors of A.Megapanos. All of the awarded labels but also the entire range of wines will be offered at a night to remember.

The Date and Place: Monday, December 29th, 2014, at 20:30, “1900 THE BARBER SHOP”, Ypsilantou 35 and Plutarchou, Kolonaki, Athens.


2014 July - August
Symphonia and SK-fish, our new partnerships with great expectations, are this summer’s new entries.

Symphonia produces and markets a series of traditional Greek and Mediterranean products worldwide. Its products are distinguished by their quality characteristics and creative packaging. The company’s vision is to promote the treasures of the Greek earth throughout the world. Olive oil, olives and olive pasta under the brand name “elea terra”, honey under the brand name “melion” and honey spreads under the brand name “bee good” are Symphonia’s authentic Greek product line.

SK-fish is a Greek company with the ambition of promoting Greece’s best fresh fish throughout the world.

With its products grown at semi free grazing in real sea conditions at Kavala's North Aegean sea basins, the company offers bream, bass, snow, white seabream, pandora, sea bream, head and skull “melokopi”. Combining traditional fish elevation and harvesting techniques with high levels of modern standardization the end offered product line is of unparalleled quality.

2014 June-July. Success and awards at the New York International Wine Competition 2014.

Universal Exports Ltd, proudly announces its successful participation to the 4rth New York International Wine Competition held at the 3 West Club in the heart of New York City, this May 18-19, 2014.

Universal Exports’ latest collaborations with the Alexandros Megapanos winery and the Mylopotamos winery of Mount Athos, representing to the North American markets their labels proudly made the wineries the grand winners of all the Greek participators placing them among the top wine makers of the world.

Our Award winning labels are:
Greece - Red
Megapanou (Epsilon) Erythros Agiorgitiko-Merlot 2011
Greece - Red
Megapanou (Saint George) Agiorgitiko of Nemea 2010
Mylopotamos Erythros (Limnio, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon) 2011
Rose - Greece
Mylopotamos Oenomeli Hamburg Muscat NV
Rose - Greece
Megapanou Xinomavro 2013

International Individual Awards.
Over and above all the individuals medals, Megapanou winery was voted "Greece Winery of the Year", thus achieving the highest per country distinction.

Universal Exports aims high levels of market implementation to North America with its exquisite collaborations. For more information on the event please visit: http://www.nyiwinecompetition.com/2014-winners/

The New York International Wine Competition is the first major international wine competition with TRADE ONLY judges comprised of: buyers from the top retail stores, sommeliers, restaurant owners, hotel beverage directors, distributors and importers.

Over 1,000 wines were submitted, from over 30 countries and less than 35% won a medal. The NYIWC is the only major international wine competition to be judged solely by trade buyers. Each wine is judged by its category and retail price. All participating judges have purchasing power through their stores, restaurants, distribution networks, which results in their ability to have a direct impact on brand sales.

As Adam Levy, the founder of the NYIWC states, …“This wine competition is designed for both the consumer and the trade buyer for they both buy on quality and price. …. Why should we not judge wine that way?”

2014 May

Universal Exports LTD, is happy to announce its participant to the NYIWC, The "A. Megapanos Winery", situated in the countryside of the province of Attica 20 km from Athens.
The modern winery produces some of the most reputable varieties from Greece and abroad, under the most ideal climate conditions of Attica.

Universal Exports LTD, proudly introduces for the first time, and reviles to the North American markets, its most unique winery from the Holy Monastic Community of Mount Athos, Greece, the "Mylopotamos" Monastery Winery.
The entire selection of wine labels and varieties will be hosted at the NYIWC contest, especially the renowned sweet red desert wine known as "Nama" associated with the Ancient Orthodox ritual of the Holy Communion with wine, but also its wonderful varieties that consist of Merlot, Muscat of Alexandria, Limnion, Cabernet Sauvignon, Roditis and Hamburg Muscat.
The Monastic Community’s viticulture of Mount Athos surpasses well over a thousand years of wine making tradition unspoiled since antiquity.

2014 March
Universal Exports LTD announces its participation to the 4th Annual New York International Wine Competition held at 3 West Club Manhattan, New York City on the 18th–19th of May.
Our presence at the contest will consist of our latest wineries from Greece.
We will exhibit varieties from many geographical locations of Greece including Nemea’s
Saint George, Amynteon’s Xinomavro and Savatiano of Attica, as well as many
noble varieties including Merlot & Hamburg Muscat to name a few.


2013 November
The Holly Monastery of “Mylopotamos” in “Mount Athos” entrusted our company and our people to collaborate in the international sales of its special wines. The Monastery’s exclusive viticulture aged 1000 years creates unique labels under the Blessings of the Sacred Cell of Saint Eustatius.

2013 September
“ALEXANDER MEGAPANOS”, a modern yet prestigious winery established in 1989 joins our wine maker’s collaborations. “A.MEGAPANOS”, a wine expert himself has a passion for renowned local Greek varieties and refined tastes. His unique labels from wines of Nemea, Mantinea, Amyntaio and Messogia places him as one of Attica’s finest wineries.

2013 September
We introduce “BARIAMIS” sweets. A third generation traditional sweets company created in 1930 in Agrinio, in Western Greece. The enterprise bares its roots from a past art of refined Greek culture and elegance with traditional vanilla sweets and delights from vintage recipe’s, pure flavors and aromas from rare ingredients like mastic from Chios in Greece, served in unparalleled packaging for any time or occasion.

2013 August
“TERPNON” a Greek traditional pasta maker, joins our food sector. Using natural material mixtures with flour and coarse-ground wheat, "TERPNON" produces organic handmade pasta in various traditional or contemporary shapes and tastes. A full gourmet product line addressed to the demanding pasta lovers, home chefs and vegetarians alike.

2013 July
UE, introduces the rare Mount Mainalo Fir Bee Honey. The rarest Pine Honey, the Fir honey of Mainalon known as “vanilla”. It emanates from the black fir forest of Mainalo in Arcadia and is renowned for its flavor and the small concentration of sugars. It is the most unique Greek honey with Protected Name of Origin (POP) and has gained golden awards in Paris in 1996.

2013 June
The “CHRYSOVERI Wines” collaboration is this month’s fresh news. The Nemea family owned winery from the 1950’s produces “Agiorgitiko” (“Saint George’s”) organic cultivated wine, naturally as in the past. The winery produces its Grand Reserve of Nemea’s finest red wine variety aged in oak barrels, as well as “Agiorgitiko-Merlot” and the well respected “Moschofilero” dry white wine variety of Mantinea.

2013 May
UE’s marketing unit based in New York fulfills our complementary obligations in our operations and markets implementation.

2013 April
We inaugurate our Offices and Corporate Headquarters in Bulgaria’s Capital, Sofia, one of Europe’s modern logistic hubs. Our new offices will be the springboard for our worldwide operations, together with Athens and New York, to bring products and services to International Markets.


2012 December
Expanding its operation in the meat industry, UE collaborates with a Greek mechanical manufacturing company in the meat processing industry to cater its clients with its diverse products for their specific needs.

2012 November
Joining forces with KOBCO Limited,a Hong Kong based International Trade Company which operates in the Far East with a worldwide clientele. KOBCO Limited specializes in trading mainly bamboo skewers from Asia to European countries for the food industry but also trades universally agricultural products such as olive oil, dried fruits, wine, herbs,
bee honey, sugar and many more.

2012 October
UE's first line of brands starts with the family’s extra virgin organic olive oil of 0.3% acidity. This olive oil is produced at the family owned estate, cultivating the Koroneiki variety olive trees of the Messinian region of Greece (Kalamata). Our olives are harvested by hands, cold extracted with modern methods, yet with tradition in mind as they did in 1900 using the family’s water mill that now stands as landmark to remind us of that era.

2012 March
UE expands its food & beverages network to North America providing the USA, Canada and Mexico, with exquisite delicatessen food products from Greece, the Balkans and the broader Mediterranean area.

2012 February
The company’s trade activity in commerce being mainly the food & beverage sectors, although broader areas of interest such as mechanical, industrial, maritime and general commerce are well within its standard international operations.

2012 January
Two business entities from the United States and Greece unite in Athens to establish a new business in the International Trade, thus Universal Exports Ltd. is born.